Our Story

We, Nilda Senra and Aladdin Mosaad are committed to meeting and fulfilling travel dreams, whether in Brazilian, Egyptian or any other country.
To define our services, we think about the well-being and tranquility of our customers, the difficulties of communication, cultural differences, the facilities we could offer, the time we should spend with our customers, the necessary care to ensure safety and tranquility during the tours , in the prices practiced, in the forms of payments, in the differentials that our customers look for.

With everything resolved, we established that our focus would be groups of up to 30 people, while also serving couples, families and smaller groups.

Our mission

Offer the best travel experience with specialized services, safety and responsibility.

Our vision

In 10 years we will extend our services to travelers from all over the world through representative offices, or franchises.

Our Experience

Mr. Aladdin’s experience has been working with tourists by hiring tours at the family store for 10 years. It brings Tourism into the family history, since his grandfather, owner of a company that has been serving tours throughout Egypt for 40 years, becoming one of the best and most recognized Tourism professionals. His grandfather worked as a freelancer for famous companies like Neckerman Tourism Co. and North African Tourism Co. as well as for other companies whose work was as leisure, not only as a livelihood and became famous for the services provided. Mr. Aladdin likes to help people and has tourism as his source of achievement.

As for Nilda Senra’s experience, she is a traveler, tourist, backpacker, adventurer from 4 continents. She has passed through many countries taking groups or family, has in her luggage many stories and difficulties that showed her how a company should and can serve, to make its customers happy.

Joining these two great stories, we are then working to ensure that our customers always come to us for their trips, whether they are small, weekend or even big dreams, trips that become unforgettable when well-planned and conducted.

Our Values


We know how important it is to fulfill our offers and services, making our customers happy to choose our Company.


Our services are prepared with care, so that our customers live a pleasant and unforgettable experience.


All of our services must be ready when the customer arrives and will be offered according to what is established in the tour contract.


When our customer depends on our service, he must live his best travel experience, without worrying about problems, it is our duty.

Our Reviews