- Think you are going to a very different country, with a different religion and culture than ours. This already requires that you do not arrive alone, or at least, do not think of going without the help of an agency or guide.
2- Egypt prices
The currency is the Egyptian Pound, which in 2019 was worth 3 x less than the Real and 15 x less than the dollar, beginning of 2020. All prices in LE, divided by 3 would give our price and divided by 15 would give the price in dollar.
When we arrive at the airport, we must buy the visa, for 25 us, at the bank window, after filling out a form, we receive a stamp which will be pasted on our passport. We passed through Immigration, which reviewed the passport and finally glued the stamp, signed it. We left, passed an officer who asked us about transfers, guides, hotel vouchers and then released us to leave. There is no possibility of entering this part of the airport. So we must guide our passengers well because only after leaving can we meet. Immigration asks some questions of passengers, especially unaccompanied, single travelers. They are more targeted than married or in groups. So have the vouchers, phones of our representative at hand, name of the Hotel, travel program with company letterhead, so that this process is easier. We went down a ladder, we are already in Egypt.
We take our luggage and then we go to the exit gate, where our transfer must be waiting for us.
When you search the internet for reservations and transfers or hotels directly, without the help of agencies, you may have several surprises. Some of them can turn into disappointments. We know that Egyptians and Arabs are excellent traders, however, the tourist in Egypt represents a way of life for many Egyptians. They simply adopt the Tourist, which becomes theirs. So everything that the tourist wants, look, ask, ask the price, it cannot be sold by anyone except for him who saw him for the first time ... If the tourist has a guide or agency, this approach does not happen, or, if it happens, the trader is removed so as not to disturb the tourist. So having someone accredited by your side, who can protect you from these situations, is really necessary for your tranquility and security.
We have never seen assaults, robberies, just these aggressive, insistent approaches. We advise you not to respond to vendors by asking or telling them where they are from, as this will encourage them to pursue tourists. If the tourist wants something, we ask that they pass the information on to the guides or the company representative, who will always accompany them. He will know how to negotiate and talk with the natives, knowing if the item is true or counterfeit, if the price is correct, or overestimated, if he can get a discount or not. This is one of the most delicate items. Street commerce is often confusing. Our guides and our Partner, who accompany tourists, recommend that purchases be made at Khan el Khalili or in stores where tourists can be at ease, without the insistence of traders. There are visits to stores of pure Egyptian cotton sheets, t-shirts, pashminas, shawls, table cloths, typical dresses, bath towels, among others, as well as papyrus artifacts, handicrafts, copper, silver, carpets, perfumes, essences, jewels, seeds, spices, among other items that tourists are enchanted, in complete safety.
For 2 to 4 people we have cars for the transfer. From 5 to 15 people, we have vans. From 16 to 30 people we have buses with air conditioning and armchairs. Transfers must pick up guests after breakfast and stay on the tours all day. In Cairo, hotels only offer breakfast. In Hurghada, Sharm el Sheikh and Alexandria, breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the rates. However, during tours in Cairo, every day there will be a snack served to passengers, or a dinner, included in the tour. The programs leave this information very highlighted, as we know that many have the custom of lunch instead of dinner.
During the tours from Luxor to Asswan, the best option is always the cruise, which goes through all the monuments and makes stops at the main points, facilitating access to the Temples. Thus, as in the price of the cruise, tickets and guides are already included. We recommend taking the cruise from Luxor to Aswan, from where it is possible to go to Abu Simbel on a 3 hour round trip and 3 hour return trip. For this tour the cruise provides a snack kit for each passenger, because that day we left very early, before breakfast. In return we will have dinner.
Nile River cruises do not have boats like sea cruises. These are smaller, two-story vessels, with comfortable apartment-type cabins for two, with ample facilities, windows overlooking the River Nile and 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). There is also a lounge with typical shows, music, recreation in high season. On the last deck there is a swimming pool or whirlpool, unheated, suitable for the summer which requires a place to rest and relax during the boat's displacement, in addition to chairs, shade, bar, music, lounge chairs, smoking area.
A trip to Egypt will not be complete if you stay only in Cairo. Knowing Egypt needs to venture into the Nile River, in the desert, in the Temples, in the cities, in the history of the Pyramids, in culture, food, fruits, vegetables, music. Cairo does not offer all of this, as a city of 26 million people is steeped in many stories. Visiting the Cairo Museum or the Grand Museum is already a must for all visitors.
Egypt is bathed by the Red Sea in all its eastern extension, to the north by the Mediterranean. The Red Sea has one of the most beautiful collections of marine life, suitable for diving, snorkeling and research on the seabed. The cities of Hurghada, Marshalam to the east, Sharm El Sheikh and Dahab on the Sinai Peninsula, provide good alternatives for visiting and resting. We recommend that they stay there for 3 to 4 nights. In our tours we offer the option between one or another stay, with the possibility of tours starting from each one.
In the north of the country, the Mediterranean Sea bathes two important cities: Alexandria and Port Said. Both have their attractions, but Alexandria, being the oldest, has more monuments and history. In Alexandria we have the famous Alexandria Library, a beautiful building by the sea. The Roman Forum, since its construction, with ruins of the old library, the Sphinx, columns, amphitheater. We also have the Catacombs, where the remains of its inhabitants were left. The seaside avenue and the bridges, delicious seafood served in local restaurants, the Qaitbay Castle, a beautiful building, preserved for visitors, which has a wonderful view of Alexandria Bay. We do a full day tour to Alexandria or Port Said, from Cairo.
When we thought about offering our services in EGYPT, it was because we had one of the partners to be Egyptian, live there, know and be familiar with the Egyptian Tourism industry, since his grandfather's time, as a business manager and one of the guides of Egypt's most famous tourism. So we know what we offer. It is important that our customers trust that our offers are the most advantageous, as they include all the means to make your trip happen safely. If you arrive in Egypt without our services, it is difficult to adjust the dates for tours, cruises, services. It is very good when everything is combined and the tourist just enjoys the trip, from the beginning to the end.
A cherry on our service is to offer assistance to passengers using a wheelchair or scooter during the tours. We booked a cruise with accessibility, elevator, easy access to the roof, where there is the social area and bar. During the visits, a team will transport you and we can easily take you to the monuments. This service is not offered by any other agency, we know how to make it all happen.
We also have access to negotiations, restaurants, hotels, special rates for the types of services we offer. Avoid purchasing services without counting on quality, just because they are cheap, they may leave you unwilling to return. We value the well-being of our customers, wherever we provide our services, in Brazil or abroad. However, we count on the great experience of our partner Mr. Aladdin, in Egypt, so that everything is in the most perfect order and you can recommend this trip to all your friends.