Our Company:

is the company responsible for this website and application. We are two partners responsible for the company’s operations in BraSil and Egypt.


are all people who access our website, regardless of whether they register and receive an individual and unique identification, or not.

Commercial suppliers:

all who supply their products to compose the programs and tours offered to customers, such as Hotels; Restaurants; Freelancer Guides; Transfers; Apartments rental companies; Making travel kits; Protection, safety and health kits; National and International Travel Insurance; Advice for Visas and Passports, Exchange, among others.

Technological Provider:

supplier of the web platform and application, environments used through the use license model.

Privacy Policy:

are the terms contained in this document that deal with privacy.

What personal information we collect:

the information that our company collects about the user and the way we collect it may vary according to the products and services that the user uses and contracts, the way the products and services were used by you and how you interacted with us, even not being a user already defined with active client. This information can also be obtained through a third party that has the user’s permission to share their information with our company. Some of the information that the user may share with us is his full name, a username and password, e-mail address, telephone number, physical address or, for certain products and services, his identity number, his CPF, your CNPJ number and, for certain electronic business transactions, your credit card information.

How we treat personal information:

For the conclusion and execution of your contract and to follow up your requests. In the legitimate interest of our company’s business for fraud prevention, for direct marketing and for the improvement of our services. Whenever we depend on this legal basis to process user data, we will assess our business interests to ensure that they do not override your rights.

How we collect personal information

We collect personal information provided by the user, information that is able to identify you. This information collected may vary according to the user’s use, as well as the type of information the user chooses to provide to us. It is possible to visit most sections of the services exposed on the website and application of our company without the need for the user to send any personally identifiable information. However, to access certain content and resources offered, our company may ask the user for some personally identifiable information. Personally identifiable information means any individual information that allows you to be identified and that the user provides us online, including, but not limited to, your full name, a username and password, email address, telephone number, address physical or, for certain products and services, your identity number, your social security number, and for certain electronic business transactions, your credit card information. The user will always be informed about the data being collected, whether it is their sole discretion to provide it or not, being aware that if they choose not to provide it, they may not have access to the desired content, for security reasons and, in most cases, due to the impossibility of providing the requested service without the required information.
Our company tracks certain information about the user, as he visits and uses our services and resources (website and or application), with the sole purpose of better understanding how our services are used and how our services can be improved to better serve the user. This information may include your computer’s Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, the URLs and screens the user has visited, the number of times the user has visited each page of our company’s website and or application, what searches have been done , how much time the user spent in certain sections of our website and or application, as well as their browser type. This information is automatically collected through “cookies”, which are described in detail in a specific section about them. This automatically collected information is also governed by our Privacy Policy and security systems, and is not used for any purpose other than those described in this item. Although our company takes all precautions regarding the security of personal information and privacy, we are not responsible for any losses arising from the disclosure of such information for legal or court order reasons.

Other information collected

• Locationthe user’s location data can be collected when the user authorizes such collection and activates the location services or functionalities that use the data from the Global Positioning System (GPS).
• Authentication informationcollecting passwords, answering password recovery questions and other security information used for authentication and access to accounts and services. All these information will be processed only with the intention of generating a statistics of visits to the site. No visitor`s personal information will be collected.