We are a Binacional Brasil X EGITO Company, a Brazilian owner and an Egyptian owner. We have a Central office in Brasil, in Curitiba-Pr, and another office in Giza, Egypt. We are on the air 24 hours a day, because when we close our office in Brasil, the office in Egypt is in full swing.

We, Nilda Senra and Alaa Mosaad, are committed to meeting and fulfilling travel dreams, whether in Brazilian, Egyptian or any other country.

In order to define our services, we think about the well-being and tranquility of our customers, the communication difficulties, the cultural differences, the facilities we could offer, the time we should spend with our customers, the necessary care to ensure safety and tranquility during the tours, in our prices, in the forms of payments, in the differentials that our customers look for.
With everything resolved, we established that our focus would be groups of up to 30 people, while also serving couples, families and smaller groups.


Which groups can ALADDIN.N TRAVELS & TOURISM CO. works for?

Thus, we open a range for all types of groups, whether teachers, students, corporations, meditation, therapeutics or even groups of people interested in carrying out such experiences, everyone will be welcome for our advice and planning.

We try to adapt our services to the characteristics of the group, many people may have specific needs, so we propose to also assist users of wheelchairs, scooters, deaf people, offering specific accessibility planning in certain destinations, under consultation, guides in pounds and helpers for transporting the equipment.
What experience do the owners have?

Mr. Alaa Mosaad’s experience has been working with tourists to book tours at the family store for 10 years. It brings Tourism into the family history, since his grandfather, owner of a company that has been serving tours throughout Egypt, for more than 50 years, becoming one of the best and most recognized Tourism professionals. His grandfather worked as a free lancer for famous companies like Neckerman Tourism Co. and North African Tourism Co. as well as for other companies whose work was as leisure, not only as a livelihood and became famous for the services provided.

As for Nilda Senra’s experience, she is a traveler, tourist, backpacker, adventurer from 4 continents. She has passed through many countries taking groups or family, has in her luggage many stories and difficulties that showed her how a company should and can serve, to make its customers happy.

Bringing these two great stories together, we are then working to ensure that our customers always come to us for their trips, whether they are small, weekend or even big dreams, trips that become unforgettable when well planned.

How are the specific services for EGYPT?

Our clients who go to EGYPT will be monitored from the time they embark in their city until they disembark in Cairo, under our control. A travel agent from our company will accompany groups of more than 10 people until they arrive in Cairo, where Mr. Alaa will welcome them. The Agent will accompany the group to the Hotel and during all tours as it will be the English and Spanish translator guide for our groups. We will have Spanish or Portuguese speaking Egyptologists during visits to the museums, temples and park of the Pyramids. We will also have, as a companion of the group, a video professional who will make the group’s footage available on all tours. Surely you will be amazed by so much history, culture and monuments that you will forget to register some places, but our video man, no!!! This material will be available on the website and social media pages.
Our tours serve all Egyptian monuments, the choice of customers within their availability: Alexandria and its monuments, Forum, Castles, Library, Catacombs, Mediterranean; Cairo and its monuments, bridges, Nile River, boats, shows, Markets, Coptic, Mosques; Gize with the Pyramids Park and the Light Show, Saqqara, Memphis; Siwa Desert with the possibility of therapeutic treatment with sulphurous waters; Luxor with history and Temples, the Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan, balloon ride, desert tour, Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings, Hatsepshut Temple; Aswan, visit to Nubian Village, Philae Time, Abu Simbel. Visit to Hurghada (Red Sea), boat trip to Gaftun Island, Desert with Motorcycle and Buggy, Camels, in a pleasant afternoon with dinner.

Our customers are welcomed on daily tours receiving the best each day, in terms of rest, visits, tranquility. We do not have extra tours as everything is included in the trip. Including some lunches or snacks, dinners and barbecue, 1 liter of water per day, in addition to assistance with travel insurance. The Transfer will always be available at the end of each stage, as well as national air transport from Cairo to Aswan and from Hurghada to Cairo. From Luxor to Hurghada will be transported by van or bus, in a 2 hour journey.

What are the steps to close a reservation?

First we ask you to contact us and then we will arrange a conversation about your goals, what you would like to know, whether you agree to participate in groups, which category of hotel or apartment in a condominium, if you already know or have never been to the destination, how many people will be with you, ages, needs, interests, availability of monthly or cash payment. This will be so that we can adapt our services to your interests and conditions.

Once we have the budget for your trip we will propose the payment methods. As long as you agree, we will make a travel contract, signed by both parties and then payments will be made, your travel program and vouchers for hotels, air tickets, tours, tickets, travel insurance, guide, meals will be issued.

Some groups will have people in different hotels or apartments, given this initial budget. Our Hotels are 4 * (economy) and 5 * (super luxury), the apartments are for 4, 8, 10, 15 people, in luxury or super luxury categories. The difference will not be inside the apartment but in the condominium facilities that can be with or without swimming pool, with restaurant and snack bar or without.
We know that the destination of EGYPT is part of the imagination of many people and one day they will realize it. So that we want to be part of this dream, our Company is linked to its realization.